Wildlife expedition Burro Burro River

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Wildlife expedition Burro Burro River 

Burro Burro River closely situated to Surama Village offers one of the best accesses to the rainforest in Guyana. The area is well known for it’s abundant wildlife and with Untamed Adventures as tour leaders you are sure to get the best of this trip.

By boat we will set of to follow the river downstream to get to some of the less visited areas. This river eventually leads out to the Essequibo, but the stretch in between offers a great jungle experience. We will make camp for the night different places along the river. You will participate in this exercise to learn about the life on expeditions.

During the day we will examine plants and tress to understand the many opportunities that comes with this complex ecosystem, we will fish during the mornings and afternoons, set up traps and shoot with bow and arrow.

  • Taste the jungle

    Taste the jungle

    Taste true survival food when we taste Cukrit worms
  • Baby Tapir

    Baby Tapir

    We can never promise a certain animal, but we have seen a lot on the Burro Burro River
  • River monsters

    River monsters

    This is just an example of what hides in the river, a Tiger catfish
Wildlife expedition Burro Burro River

Prices from

2800 US$ Pr. person (Min. of 2 Guest)
  • Untouched rain forest
  • Exceptional wildlife
  • Brilliant photographic adventure
  • Educational experience
  • Basic Survival training
  • Fishing for river monsters
  • Experienced local guides
  • English speaking guides and tour leader
  • Traditional knowledge
  • 11 Days / 10 nights
  • Departure from Georgetown
  • Taxi Pick up/drop off international airport
  • Taxi pick up/drop off national flight
  • 2 Nights at Surama Eco lodge
  • 2 Nights at hotel in Georgetown
  • 4X4 Lethem – Surama return
  • 23 Meals
  • Long list of included equipment
  • Tour leader under tour
  • Local guides under tour
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Meals on hotel in Georgetown
  • Weight on flight exceeding 12,5 kg (20 pounds)
  • Alcohol
  • Pocket money
  • Tips for local guides
  • Souvenirs

Tripadvisor Review of tour

The jungle really took me by storm, but you can feel it right away that it is Anders and Sophia’s true habitat and this feeling rubs off on everybody in the camp as we arrive into the jungle. Everything we did in the jungle; starting fire, catching bait, fishing piranhas on handlines, chopping through the jungle with machetes, spotting animals on the river by night, building shelters, making traps, sailing on the river, shooting bow and arrows.

Søren Nicolajsen, Guest on this tour

Wildlife expedition Burro Burro River

You get a chance to try out everything!

This tour offers a great variety of activities and will give you a little bit of everything. If you are not too keen on long days of trekking and want to focus on the activities and wildlife this is the perfect trip for you.

Remember to bring your camera! Not many places will offer such a great chance of spotting extraordinary wildlife up close. The river is narrow and this means that wildlife will be up close along the riverbanks. We have spotted tapir, labba, black caiman and countless snakes when spotting at nighttime and these only meters from us.

We can tailor make this itinerary if there is any specific areas or themes you wish, but below you will find our proposed itinerary for the days.

Rød frø

  • Getting up close

    Getting up close

    The Burro Burro is full of wildlife, this Caiman is just one of the inhabitants
  • Hope you like fishing

    Hope you like fishing

    We will fish in the river and try to clean, roast and eat what we catch
  • You never know who comes by camp

    You never know who comes by camp

    This guy fell straight down to our camp under lunch


Burro Burro River near Surama offers one of the best opportunities to spot wildlife in Guyana. The river has the perfect size and quite naturally allows you to get very close to the many animals that live and thrive in this area. As always we can never be sure to spot a certain animal, but our experience tells us that in this areas you will find one of the largest diversities.

The boat offers a silent and very comfortable way of getting out at night time to see all these amazing creatures in their environment and the excellent local guides will make sure that nothing is left unseen.

Remember this trip is not a classical wildlife trip since the daytime will be spent doing a lot of activities around camp. This includes learning how to set up a personal camp, fire lighting, fishing and much more. So if you plan on laying in a hammock all day this might not be the trip for you.


Learn traditional jungle skills
Learn traditional jungle skills

The physical level of this tour is low, since the boat will do most of the carrying, besides going on land and setting up camp. BUT! You will always use your body physically in this environment when chopping with a machete and even walking with no weight during forest walks.


The river is fed with water from the Pakaraima Mountains and the height of the water is dictated by the seasonal changes in weather. The Burro Burro River will eventually run out in the Essequibo, but the stretch in between and especially near Surama is only used by the local village. This means that the area we sail is only used for tourism; fishing and small scale hunting and of this reason is this still as pristine as it can get when at the same time being accessible.

If we have camera traps we might catch one of the many cats in the area
If we have camera traps we might catch one of the many cats in the area

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