Wild Ranch Adventure Rupununi

Photo Credit: Brian Erasmus


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Welcome to Wild ranch adventure Rupununi

The Rupununi savannah, cattle ranching and horseback riding is inseparable words in Guyana. The first big industry to develop in this part of the country was the cattle ranching on several ranches spread all over the area. Many of them have a colorful story and Saddle Mountain Ranch residing on the South Rupununi savannah is no exception.

While the industry is only a fraction of what it was the experience of visiting a traditional ranch in the Rupununi is still one of the best things to do in country.

laying between mountains Saddle Mountain Ranch is one of the most beautiful areas, started and still operated by a lovely family with proud riding traditions and gentle personalities. The everyday tasks are still done by hard physical work when cattle needs to be counted, herded, slaughtered or the small farm needs to be taken care of. Tourism is a late initiative where you can come and see this special life being lived on the ranch.

Visiting a ranch in the Rupununi is a perfect mix of riding and Adventure

  • Spectacular views

    Spectacular views

    Morning view at Shiriri Mountains
  • Traditional Ranching

    Traditional Ranching

    Traditional South American ranching is still physical and great fun!
  • Riding and herding cattle

    Riding and herding cattle

    We ride out and find the cattle we need to bring back to the ranch
Wild Ranch Adventure Rupununi

Prices from

From 2000 US$ pr. person (Min. 2 guest)
  • Riding the endless savannah
  • Good tourist horses
  • Amazing nature scenery
  • Traditional ranching
  • Great wildlife
  • Firsthand experiences
  • Experience Saddle Mountain Ranch
  • Very experienced guides
  • English speaking tour leaders
  • 8 days / 7 nights
  • 18 meals
  • Transportation Lethem – Saddle Mountain
  • Riding equipment
  • Riding helmet (optional)
  • Additional equipment
  • Tour leader under tour
  • Local guide under tour
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Alcohol
  • Pocket money
  • Tips for local guides
  • Souvenirs

Giant Anteater spotting on the Savnnah

One of the giants of Guyana is it’s Giant Anteater which realms the Savannah. The best way to experience these rare animals is to go out either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. They are not afraid of the horses because they meet them on the Savannah and this means that you will be able to get up real close to them. 

Brian Erasmus, Photo Credit

Wild Ranch Adventure Rupununi

Working in the coral, lassoing and wrestling cattle is a a raw and authentic experience

typically days goes with riding looking for cattle, working in the coral branding or just enjoying yourself in the nearby creek escaping from the midday sun.

you will be participating in all the activities and learn how to lasso a young bull, swing the bullwhip or ride real Vaquero (Rupununi cowboy) style over the savannah.


  • Wrestling Cattle

    Wrestling Cattle

    First you will have to lasso the cattle, after this we bring it down to brand (Photo: Brian Erasmus)
  • Lassoing the young bulls

    Lassoing the young bulls

    It is not as hard as you think and you will get enough chances to train it
  • The creek

    The creek

    Everyday we cool down in the creek next to the ranch


A ranch adventure in the Rupununi is a rare chance of experiencing traditional lifestyle of the South American Savannah. People here still live by skills that is passed down through generations and sustain there life from raising cattle. The life is hard and dictated by seasons and you visiting are helping these families to continue this traditional life.

Judah the ranchers son spotting for Giant Anteaters
Judah the ranchers son spotting for Giant Anteaters

You do not need to be an elite rider, we can suit it to your level of riding. But you have to expect many physical tasks during activities and many hours in the sun! If you have little or no experience with riding you can expect to get a sore butt, this is something everybody trying out riding for the first time will have to endure. The same counts for working in the coral. There is quite a lot of pulling ropes, throwing lassos and many of the muscles might not be the ones you usually use. All of his should not scare you off, it is all a part of the experience.


This area is one of the last untouched Savannah areas in South America. Small scattered villages and dusty roads are many place the only sign of humans if any at all. Not many places can offers such an authentic nature experience.

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