Unescorted tours in Guyana

Unescorted tours in Guyana

At Untamed Adventures we provide unescorted tours in Guyana through some of our partners around the country. These tours are great for well-consolidated travelers or for those up for a personal experience, but want the logistics to be in place.

These tours are not accompanied by Untamed Adventures tour leaders, but are arranged through our knowledge and network, so it is always possible to visit even though we do not have the time to physically be there. As with all of our tours these tours will take you to some of our favorite spots and this will give you a chance to meet some of all the amazing native guides and staff trying to create a sustainable living through tourism. Let us take care of the planning and bookings for you and make sure that all the logistics are in place for you to get the best out of your visit to Guyana.

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Unescorted tours in Guyana
Shell Beach Guyana

If you want to experience one of the places in the world to see sea turtles nesting. Shell Beach in Guyana is visited by 4 out of 8 sea turtle species between February and June every year.

From 700 US$ pr. person (Min. 2 guest to run this tour)

Unescorted tours in Guyana
Best of the Rupununi Tour

We have made the ultimate package for independent travelers that wish to get the best experiences of the Rupununi. Rewa, Surama and much more is included in this epic soft adventure. 

From 6000 US$ for 2 persons (Single supplement)

Unescorted tours in Guyana
Create your own trip

Get in contact with us if you have your own trip in mind that we can help facilitating. We have extensive knowledge about the country and a broad network of partners nationwide. We love providing the best experiences and we would love to help you create your next one in Guyana!

Let's plan a trip together!

Things to consider before booking these trips!

As lovely and charming as Guyana is, as soon as you move into the interior regions of Guyana you can expect different delays. This is often due to weather conditions, delayed arrival of transportation and many other factors. This is something you will have to accept. Our partners are doing the best possible to accommodate our guests but there will inevitably be some irregularities simply because of the reality of the remote areas. There is not going to be a tour leader present on these tours and this means that you will have to arrange minor things yourself, such as taxi to airport and making sure to get water and snacks prior to travelling.

Let’s plan together!

We would love to hear your wishes for your travelling so please let us know what you already had in mind and we will try tomake the best possible planning for your stay in Guyana. In general there is a good chance of saving money by letting us plan your travel around the country because we through our network and partners do our best to obtain the best prices.  

Unescorted tours in Guyana

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