Trekking expedition Kanuku Mountains

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If you are all up for Trekking expedition this tour in the Kanuku Mountains is for you!

For two days we will travel to our destination Paima Falls in the pristine forest of the area. We will follow the mountain foot and venture deep in to the rainforest to explore a place where very few guests have ever been.

We will educate in survival and practical expeditions along the way to learn how it is to cope with the nature around us. The terrain will give us plenty of challenges as we go and we will have to rely on the knowledge of our local guides to take us to our end destination.

Paima Falls is streaming down from the clear waters of Jordan Falls and we will camp on the riverbank. The area is brilliant to test out a long list of experiences when being stationary. We will fish in the creek for the well known river monster Haymara, dive and shoot fish with fishing spear, walk the forest at day to learn about plant life and resources, taste palm worms and heart of palm, go through extensive education in lighting fire and setting up basic expedition camps.

  • Roasting Catfish

    Roasting Catfish

    Getting a real taste of the jungle
  • Sleep in Expedition camps

    Sleep in Expedition camps

    We teach you how to create safe and practical camps in the jungle
  • See amazing wildlife

    See amazing wildlife

    East Indian Tamandua spotted from camp
  • See some of the giants

    See some of the giants

    Anaconda at Paima falls
Trekking expedition Kanuku Mountains

Prices from

2600 US$ Pr person (Group discount available)
  • Expedition in the Kanuku Mountains
  • Untouched rainforest
  • Exceptional wildlife
  • Educational experience
  • Basic Survival training
  • Fishing for river monsters
  • English speaking guides and tour leader
  • Traditional knowledge
  • 11 Days / 10 nights
  • Departure from Georgetown
  • Taxi Pick up/drop off International airport
  • Taxi pick up/drop off national flight
  • 2 Nights at hotel in Lethem
  • 2 Nights at hotel in Georgetown
  • 4X4 Lethem – Kanuku Mountain return
  • 18 Meals
  • Long list of included equipment
  • Tour leader under tour
  • Local guides under tour
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Meals on hotel in Georgetown and Lethem
  • Weight on flight exceeding 12,5 kg (20 pounds)
  • Alcohol
  • Pocket money
  • Tips for local guides
  • Souvenirs

Tripadvisor Review of tour

Trekking for a total of 35kms over and under fallen trees, through and over creeks, up and down valleys, through rain and sunshine, very, very often following fresh jaguar spore, all through a jungle which not even native hunters had cut lines (tracks) through for a number of years.

Brian Erasmus, Guest on this tour

Trekking expedition Kanuku Mountains

Get a full perspective of the jungle!

Not only does this trip offer a great physical experience, but there is a very interesting angel of the phycology of being in the forest – especially in combination with the hard physical tasks. Teamwork is a must and everybody will be helping with all parts of the daily life in the forest such as cooking, cleaning and gathering firewood.

You should come on this trip if you want to learn how it really is to be touring the forest or being on an expedition. An educational process that will make you stronger and more prepared if you ever decide to venture out on complex and long stays in the jungle.

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  • Photography


    This trek offers some great photography opportunities!
  • Paima falls

    Paima falls

    We will camp by the foot of the falls
  • Tree frogs

    Tree frogs

    Keep your eyes open. There is animals everywhere!


A trekking expedition with us is an experience of a lifetime. The whole concept is to combine the practical experience of being in the jungle with the factor of physically moving and carrying your own equipment. Many tours today take you by boat or vehicle to your destination, but in reality this hardly reflects the reality of being in the jungle. On this specific tour we are focusing on the full package where we both mentally and physical have to endure this intense ecosystem.

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Get ready to use the Machete!
Get ready to use the Machete!

You do not need to be an elite sportsman, but we highly recommend that you are in a good physical condition and mentally work well in a group. You do have to be able to carry up to 18 kg in your backpack and at the same time do activities. We expect to walk 35-45 km on this trip.


Known locally as “the mother of all life”, this 100 km long mountain chain is known to be one of the least explored places on the surface of earth. Covered in pristine rainforest and many places only accessible by foot, this is this one of the least visited destinations in Guyana and South America.

A view of the Kanuku Mountains
A view of the Kanuku Mountains

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