One Day Tours in Guyana

One Day Tours in Guyana 

People visit Guyana for different periods of time, why we have created our One Day Tours in Guyana section. We primarily deal with the Rupununi and most of our tours in this section will be in this area.

The One Day Tours in Guyana will not take you to the most remote parts of the Rupununi, but are perfectly situated close to our central office in Lethem, Rupununi. Neither can you expect Untamed Adventures staff to be present on these tours, but instead some of our many experienced and knowledgeable guides and organisers living in the many small villages around. We will make sure that everything is organised and sorted for you, and often it will be possible to pay for the tour either directly to the operator in the village or upon start of the tour.

We handpick our guides from the best we have worked with, to ensure the best possible tour and the tours will often include snacks, meals and transportation from Lethem to make the experience easy and affordable. These tours are possible to combine with a larger package where experiences can be bought for a stay in Lethem area over several days.

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One Day Tours in Guyana
Horseback Riding day tour

If you riding or want to try it out on the Rupununi Savannah, this tour is for you! Try out the Vaquero life herding cattle and visit a Rupununi Family all while experiencing the majestic Rupununi Savannah.

From 180 US$ pr. person with one participant (Ask us for group prices)

One Day Tours in Guyana
Create your own trip

Get in contact with us if you have your own trip in mind that we can help facilitating. We have extensive knowledge about the country and broad network of partners nationwide. We live for new adventures and we would love to help you create your next one in Guyana!

Let's plan a trip together!

You had another tour in mind?

We can hardly mention all the options possible in Guyana, but we would love to hear what you have in mind. While our One Day Tours in Guyana often takes place in the Rupununi, we have a broad network of partners all over the country who we can either help arrange through or direct you to so it will be possible to get the tour you are looking for. Advice are free at Untamed Adventures and we can only help if we get a question to answer.

If you book a One Day Tours in Guyana with us?

We will make sure to send an itinerary, timings and details while our organisers often take care of the majority of the equipment. In some rare cases we will be able to assist our partners with equipment for them to be able to accommodate for larger groups. Make sure to let us know what you think about the tour so we can help our partners and organiser optimize on their One Day Tourin Guyana. 

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