Jungle Blog
Jungle Blog

What is the jungle blog about?

We write about survival, expeditions, jungle equipment, tropical animals, good advice and then all the details about being in Guyana and especially the Rupununi. This is our home and one of the few places left in the world with vast areas of untouched rainforest left. 

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The jungle blog is about a lot of subjects

We might get a little nerdy when we dig into some of the many things such as reviewing and testing kit or specific survival methods but we like technical details and we hope you will like the way we explain it.

Most of what we know is taught working as survival instructors, together with local indigenous people of Guyana or on our own jungle expeditions going deep into some of the most unexplored places in the Amazon.

Jungle Blog
Jungle Blog

Why are we running the jungle blog?

The jungle blog reflects our work as tour leaders and survival instructors in Guyana and some of the activities and lesson we write about is being tested with our guests. The tours demands a high level of participation and we love to share everything we know  with people who like us have the “jungle fever”.

The inspiration to start blogging about the jungle and our experiences were that we found it exceedingly hard to find information from sources directly and continuously exposed to the environment. We wanted to tell a true story about the environment that is based on first hand experiences.

Don’t do like us!

Remember that jungles can be different and things we consume, do or tell might be very different across the continents. With our experiences comes as well a lot of painful lessons such as bites, cuts, sickness etc. that we in now way can recommend people to experience. The only people who can really live and thrive in these tropical environments are the local indigenous people and they are our close friends and partners when being in the Amazon jungle.

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