Friends of Untamed Adventures

We have a lot of friends and we are proud to work with all of them. On this page you can find a selection of some of the people we are currently working with. Give them a visit, they are all worth it!


Visit Guyana

Guyana’s number one channel for inspiration and advice when travelling the country. Visit Guyana manage like no one else to reflect the warm Guyanese culture and represent the diverse experience Guyana is. Go in and give them a like on Facebook prior to your arrival to be sure to not miss out on some of the many hidden experiences the country holds.
Urban Outdoor – Equipment store

We might not need much, but the equipment we need in the forest is vital. supply some great products and especially when it comes to hammocks and tarps, these guys are specialists! Do not get fooled by low prices or fictional descriptions, when you are going to the jungle you want equipment that is tested to endure the most extreme conditions and we can confirm that Urban Outdoor sells some of the best brands on the market such as Hennesey, DD and much more. The store and website is danish, but drop them an e-mail directly on and they will be ready to help equip you for your next adventure!

Limited Resource Teachers Training is a unique program training teachers all over the world in development countries. We are so fortunate to be the local partners when British teachers every year use their vacation to come to Guyana and build capacity and share knowledge with the countries teachers. Not only are we proud to be participating in such a great program, but we are as well thrilled to work with such a motivated and inspiring team of people.
Visit Rupununi

Our local Rupununi promoter and tourism initiative. Supported by Conservation International, but managed by local people to help develop the aspiring tourism industry in the area. You will both be able to find inspiration for a trip, but as well help when visiting and coordinating a trip to the Rupununi. Visit Rupununi can be followed on Instagram and Facebook or visit their website to get more inspiration for your trip.
Bushmasters UK

One of the best survival courses on the continent and the place we have learned almost everything we know about hosting guests in the jungle. We occasionally work freelance for Bushmasters when needed and during tv-productions. If anybody is looking for specifically survival courses we would advice people to give Bushmasters website a visit and get in contact with the team behind.
Young Adventurers

We love young and inspiring people and Young Adventurers are exactly what the name suggest. Created by two danish entrepreneurs to create better and more affordable adventures for young people who prioritize travelling as a part of their development. They offer adventures in some great destinations, among this Guyana with us. If you are considering a trip to different destinations in South America these guys might be able to help you with some unforgettable trips!