Family friendly tours in Guyana

Family Friendly tours in Guyana

Guyana holds something for everyone, so if you are planning on spending your holiday in Guyana with your children, or you are looking for softer adventures with lodge accommodation, this is the page to look at. The family friendly tours are filled with amazing nature scenery, hands on experiences and local culture. Whether you are looking for short tours, the ultimate jungle experience, fishing trips, cultural visits or riding adventures – Guyana has it all.

The family friendly/soft adventures are based around lodge accommodation in some of our favorite spots. Every day you will get delicious home cooked meals, have your own private room with shower and toilet and a bed. As always, all of the tours are customisable, so you get the best experience possible, just let us know exactly what you are dreaming of and we will do our best to arrange your dream holiday for you. As an example you might want to try and rough it up one night by sleeping in a hammock at the river like the locals or try parching farin with the village women.

All of the family friendly tours are accommodated by an Untamed Adventures tour leader as well as local guides, to ensure you get the best experience.

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Family friendly tours in Guyana
Rewa Wildlife tour

If you are looking for the ultimate wildlife experience this tour gives you a unique chance of experiencing wildlife, fishing and light hiking in one of the most remote lodges in Guyana.

2 persons from 4800 US$ (Single supplement)

Family friendly tours in Guyana
Surama Photography Tour

This tour will take you to one of the absolute best places to spot wildlife in Guyana. The Burro Burro river and surrounding rainforest near Surama Village. This tour is perfect for guests passionate about photography.

2 persons from 4400 US$ (Single supplement)

Family friendly tours in Guyana
Create your own trip

Get in contact with us if you have your own trip in mind that we can help facilitating. We have extensive knowledge about the country and broad network of partners nationwide. We live for new adventures and we would love to help you create your next one in Guyana!

Let's plan a trip together!

Traveling with children?

All though Guyana caters for children, the environment can be rough and at times hostile and transportation times can be long, why we don’t recommend travelling with very small children. As with adult, all children are different, so we recommend you contact us, tell us what you would like to do and how old your children are, that way we can arrange a tour together to fit your families needs and preferences while taking your child’s possible limitations into consideration.  

Bring your patience!

The lack of infrastructure in the interior of Guyana is indeed a big part of the charm, but it is also a frequent cause of transportation delays. Our best advice is to have patience and enjoy the scenery and adventure.

Family friendly tours in Guyana

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