Special Tours in Guyana

Special Tours in Guyana

We live for new adventures and that’s why we developed our section for special tours in Guyana. In this section you will find some of all the special tours we run occasionally. It can be expeditions going to new and unexplored places, volunteer projects where guests can devote time to help communities in developing tourism or agriculture, but as well special themes that is available at certain periods of the season. We will occasionally update the page with new adventures so stay tuned for the ultimate experience in Guyana.

As always you can expect quality tours and experiences that will take you to special places in Guyana to experience the raw and unfiltered reality of the nature in the country. We will always make sure that there are expert local guides and most of the tours will be accompanied by tour leaders from Untamed Adventures to secure top quality from beginning to end.

Untamed Adventures

Special Tours in Guyana
Extreme valentines survival

Inspired by our own experience surviving the jungles of Guyana have we made the extreme valentines holiday. The tour takes place around a jungle survival course were we will train you in practical skills and knowledge before leaving you to survive for 2,5 day as a couple. 

6000 US$ for 2 persons (Only avaliable as a pair)

Special Tours in Guyana
Create your own trip

Get in contact with us if you have your own trip in mind that we can help facilitating. We have extensive knowledge about the country and broad network of partners nationwide. We live for new adventures and we would love to help you create your next one in Guyana!

Let's plan a trip together!

What you should know before you book

Some of these tours are aiming to go to new and unexplored places and the nature of expeditions will always be associated with a certain amount of insecurity. Obstacles, engine problems and delays can change the whole structure of these trips and we can only advise people who want a tested tour to look in one of our other sections. Especially our tours going to new places are the real deal when it comes to being on an expedition, so while we will teach you everything you need to know you will as well be experiencing the raw reality of exploring new areas.

We sort out the details


As always we are bringing in a lot of knowledge and know how. We as well equip you with our best gear to make the experience as comfortable as the nature allows us.


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