Jungle tours in Guyana

Jungle tours in Guyana

In this section you will find a selection of our jungle tours in Guyana. The country is one of four places left on the planet that is described to have untouched jungle. Almost 80% of the country is still covered by jungle and for the true adventurers this place gives a lifetime of adventurous experiences.

Our jungle tours in Guyana are made in great areas known to facilitate great wildlife sightings, ideal settings for educational experiences and physical challenges. Everybody going on our adventure tours will learn and suffer together as a team, while we venture deep into areas where very few guests have ever been. All of our tours are accompanied by Untamed Adventures tour leaders, but as well local Amerindian guides, who with their expertise and traditional knowledge will make sure we get the best and safest trip. Our jungle tours in Guyana are made to support the communities and create an income directly from the forest and keeping it intact at the same time.

Untamed Adventures

Jungle tours in Guyana
Trekking Expedition Kanuku Mountain 

This trek will take you to Paima Falls over land at the foot of the mighty Kanuku Mountains. This tour is a great combination of physical challenges, education in the jungle and wildlife spotting.

From 1800 US$ pr. person (Group discount available)

Jungle tours in Guyana
Wildlife Expedition Burro Burro River

One of the absolute best rivers for wildlife spotting in combination with basic survival training and educational experiences that will teach you how to be on expeditions in the Amazon jungle.

From 2000 US$ pr. person (Min. 2 guest to run this tour)

Jungle tours in Guyana
Jungle Mountain Trekking

If you like physical challenges and want to learn how to survive and get by in jungle covered mountains, this tour is for you! We will venture deep in to the Kanuku Mountains to reach Jordan Falls.

From 1700 US$ pr. person (Group discount available)

Rupununi River Expedition

Lets go out and explorer the Rupununi River and the Kanuku Mountains in search of new unexplored places. We will look for waterfalls, fish for rivermonsters search for great areas for wildlife spotting. 

2 Persons from 4000 US$ (Single supplement)

Jungle tours in Guyana
Create your own trip

Get in contact with us if you have your own trip in mind that we can help facilitating. We have extensive knowledge about the country and broad network of partners nationwide. We live for new adventures and we would love to help you create your next one in Guyana!

Let's plan a trip together!

You want to go were no other guests have been?

If none of our proposed itineraries suit your needs then let us know your wishes. The country is full of unexplored areas and depending on your budget we are able to visit places never visited by foreigners before. We personally love new adventures and with all the equipment and knowledge we have, we are capable of creating the ultimate expeditions searching for jaguars, giant anacondas, tapirs and many of the other rare animals of Guyana. 

We equip you!

All of our jungle tours in Guyana come with a lot of equipment tested to endure the extreme conditions and we take a lot of pride in equipping our guests the best way possible for them to enjoy their stay as much as possible.

You are always welcome to contact us for more information and ideas for jungle tours in Guyana, we love new inspiration and we might be able to help you out picking your next extreme holiday.


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