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Our speciality is jungle tours in Guyana, but we as well do tours with focus on wildlife or photography and riding adventures based around a family ranch in the Rupununi Savannah.

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Untamed Adventures

If you are interested in technical and advanced training in jungle survival, jungle equipment or advice on subjects like how to pack your backpack, then you should follow our blog.

Untamed Adventures
Untamed Adventures

Are you planning on travelling from Georgetown to Lethem or vice versa, and looking for advice on how to do it and what to bring on the journey, then you might find this post useful.

“An unforgettable summer” 

They have lead us into the Rupununi jungle at the foot of the Kanuku mountains for an unforgettable 2 nights of archery shooting, machete swinging, creek swimming, rum drinking, night walking, star gazing, hammock sleeping awesomeness. The primitiveness of this trip is amazing and it helped us all connect as a group.

 – Tom Gilbody, Fellow LRTT 2016

Untamed Adventures Kaieteur Falls


Stay Curious

At Untamed Adventures we believe in staying curious – it is our motto and it is what drives us. We thrive on finding new ways to improve ourselves and our surroundings. By continuously exploring the unknown and pushing the boundaries, we challenge ourselves and our guests to be the very best.     

No two tours are ever the same with Untamed Adventures. We always customize every tour to fit the clients needs and dreams, whether it is wildlife, survival techniques, photography, waterfalls or trekking in mountains, please don’t hesitate with telling us exactly what you are dreaming of and we will do our very best to give you an adventure of a lifetime. 

Untamed Adventures has a high ethical standard and would not exist without our vital partnership with the amerindian communities. We believe in working together and giving back. Through our tours you help us provide sustainable jobs and income in remote communities, which is something we are very proud of. Tourism is one of the best alternatives when trying to preserve this untouched nature for the future generations of Guyanese people and travelers visiting this amazing country. 


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