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Handling Emerald tree boa in Guyana - Untamed Adventures

Welcome to the home of jungle and riding adventures in Guyana.

Our specialty at Untamed Adventures is unique experiences in some of the least explored places on the surface of the earth. The Amazon rainforest, horseback riding, ranch stays, expeditions and much more can be found and experienced through us on our destinations across the Rupununi. Common for all of our tours is that we believe in personal trips tailor made to suit your wishes.

Living in the jungle of Guyana - Untamed Adventures

Coming with us on a jungle tour is not your typical jungle experience, it is an educational process to gain a higher independence and understanding of being in and exploring this advanced eco system. Guests participate in all aspects of living in the camp and the tour would in many cases be more of an expedition than anything else. We use a mix of modern technologies and knowledge, mixed up with traditional knowledge learned through generations. The overall goal is not just to visit the jungle, but to learn how to act and behave when being exposed to the sometimes hard reality of nature.

Branding cattle Rupununi Guyana - Untamed Adventures

We do all kind of packages such as boat trips, horseback riding, 4X4, but as the only company in country we have specialized in real trekking adventures that will take you deep in to places where very few people have ever been. Come with us on an adventure of a lifetime..